Monday, January 31, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip

Artist Marketing Tip:

I have been recently asked how I became an "international artist working directly with interior designers". Answer, I worked hard on it. For example, I was contacted by a large design firm in Washington D.C. that was developing a new retirement center here in Jacksonville. They contacted me through Another firm contacted me through the Collier County Art Alliance in Naples Florida. Getting the idea? Join as many associations and websites that you can afford. AND still work with the galleries! They are still worth the commissions and their representation. We need them and they need us! Now go create!

Monday's Grace Notes

Monday's Grace Notes:

Cleaning out my closet (what a workout for me!), receiving cards fro Facebook friends, dreaming of Ireland, making home made hamburger vegetable soup with Glenn, looking forward to a new week, and Pillsbury Crescent Rolls.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Visual/Performing Artist Marketing Tip of the Day

Facebook "music" , "music studio" "musician" "recording studio" ....for performing artist and "friend" as many as you can. Support their cause and leave a video or personnel link. Visual artists? Facebook "art" "studio", " interior designers", "galleries"..... you get the picture. Please take the time to learn more about them and see what you can do for them as well. It's a nice world out there when we make it one. :)

Saturdays Grace Notes

Saturdays Grace Notes:

Getting back into the swing of things, singing at Donovan's Irish Pub on St. Patties Day, folk music, teaching my guitar student how to play the blues, the simple power of prayer, Yankee candles (I love Sugar Cookie) and tornado's in January. Welcome to Florida!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip Of The Day!

Artist Marketing Tip Of The Day!

What does social media mean to you? Google it. What comes up? Are you "out there"? (no, I do not mean like 'Pluto' ;) Why not? Make a "to do" list and take it in steps if needed. I will "share" more connections with you every day with our" Marketing Tip of the Day. Check in tomorrow for our first fun connection.

Tuesday's Grace Notes

Tuesday's Grace Notes:

Pink pens, pink flamingos, colors of the ocean, new art student, owning a car,and believing who God says that I am and what I'm capable of instead of letting the world define me.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #18

Artist Marketing Tip #18

More newsletter ideas

Promote new artwork/compositions and recordings. Be busy, prolific and promote it. I have sold so many paintings just through update emails alone.

A word to the wise. Don't send out more than once a week at the most.

Being an annoyance or too frequent will quickly put people off and they will choose to ignore your newsletters.

Friday's Grace Notes

Friday's Grace Notes:

My new piano instrumental "The Other Side Of Me" dedicated to my husband Glenn and other caretakers for the chronically ill.

Working from home.

Wasa Crackers light only 20 calories each!

Setting priorities.

Glenn fixing my email!!!!

Fruit smoothies made w/ blueberries, fat free yogurt, banana, light cranberry juice and fat free milk.

Celebrate the day!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #17

Artist Marketing Tip #17

Make a difference with your visual/performing arts. Pick a charity or a cause that you feel passionate about. Promote it. Advocate it. Donate your percentages. Give updates and educate. When you post your art always use your charity as one of your tags so that you are connected with the charity AND your art on the Internet.

My passion is Lupus Awareness.

Celebrate the day and your awesome art!

Thursday's Grace Notes

Thursday's Grace Notes:

Too blessed to be stressed.

Fun writing pens that light up.

My new painting "Butterfly".

Glaucoma and believing that God will heal me, once again. He has a good track record.

Palm trees against a Florida sky.

And... great expectations.

Celebrate the day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #16

Let's talk more about newsletters. Design some relative note cards. For example Valentines day is coming up. Use your style. Known for children's art? Historical? Pets? Break out of the mold a bit. Performing artists? Have fun and post a love song video or two. Better yet, write one!

Wednesday's Grace Notes

Wednesday's Grace Notes: "I'm not where I need to be but I'm not where I used to be", my art studio, time management (now what is that again?) purple clouds, dark chocolate, "The housekeepers came! The housekeepers came!" , and new people following my nancyasbellartsblogspot, oh happy day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #15

Artist Marketing Tip #15

News letters. Do you have one? Do you need one? You can email them using "Constant Contact" for only $15.00 a month. They manage your emails and make sure that only the people who want your mail receives it. You can also blog your newsletter or post it on websites. Tomorrow we can talk about what that newsletter needs to say and why people may even be interested in taking the time to read them.

Health Notes; " Angels Unaware"

October 2008 I woke up sick and cancelled my five visual/performing engagements for the week. By that night from complications from Lupus I was in the Mayo clinic fighting for my life. I was left with no sensation from below my waist and communicated only by barely raising one weak finger. A compassionate Dr. whispered to me "God told me to tell you that you will make it out of here and regain "Nancy". She had my family display my recent photo shoots, articles, paintings and photos of family all around my hospital room. What a gift she gave that day... what a gift.

Tuesday's Grace Notes

Tuesday's Grace Notes:

Freshly ground chocolate peppermint coffee in my favorite mug, my doctor's kind words once again "Don't worry about your weight considering your limitations you are doing everything within your control" Reverse psychology "wanna make a bet? Just watch me!, recycling on Tuesday mornings, the house cleaners are coming! The house cleaners are coming! A red tailed hark flying by my window this early morning.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #14

Artist Marketing Tip # 14: Always try to keep a few cohesive paintings in your personal gallery. Be ready for that last minute call for " Help! Our scheduled artist needs a replacement" or "We would like to represent you, give you a show..." and you can look professional and give them what the want. Please try to be considerate, professional and do not yank things out of one of your valued venues or galleries and leave bare walls. Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated. As for performing artists... practice your butt off! Be an at the ready "shoe in" and have several song lists at the ready as well!

Celebrate the day!

Monday's Grace Notes

Monday's Grace Notes: "Rainy Days on Mondays......", a fresh bowl of fruit in the morning, my new white reading chair, "new" clothes from my sister... her "loss (literally) is my gain for now.. she has great taste, doin' business from my cozy home, Willie Nelson's "Georgia On My Mind", and feeling strong enough to go to Publix yesterday.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #13

Artist Marketing Tip #13: Need a gallery? Check out other artist's websites and Facebook pages. Shoot for the stars. You and what you have to offer to the world are worth it!

Sunday's Grace Notes

Sunday's Grace Notes: Thank God it's Sunday and all that it means, driving myself to Barnes and Noble yesterday w/ only my walker... what a workout! New journals, organizers, Julie Cameron's new book and Artist Magazine... toys, opening a new bag of Starbucks coffee beans to grind, and forgetting to close the back door on God so that He STILL found me... He can be very persistent! Celebrate the day!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #12

Artist Marketing Tip #12: Okay, getting back to Twitter. I don't play the tweet game of texting all day but I do respond w/ the new connections I receive every day with "Nice to meet you" and a link to my website AND click to follow any of their connections as part of their page. Otherwise it's just a numbers game. Honest business connections with like minded 'peeps' have been made this way. Keep track of them in your email mailbox. It does pay off and the more you do and get into a system the faster it's done.

Saturdays Grace Notes

Saturday's Grace Notes: That crazy bird that chirps late every night and early every morning.. love it!, "Chasing my tail, catching it, then having to go find it again" "going along for the ride", being open to new ideas and being willing to reconsider old ones, new clothes and planning to do a solo trip with my walker today to Barnes and Noble with a gift card in hand. Life is good!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday's Grace Notes

Thursday's Grace Notes: A brave ( 0r stupid) little green tree frog hanging out on our glass door on a cold 28 degree winter morning, expecting the best from God, unanswered prayers, the song "You'll See" (n0w which is better? Madonna's or Susan Boyle's?) lunch at Mango Mangos with an old friend and the novel "Any Minute" by Joyce Meyer. Celebrate the day!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #11

Artist Marketing Tip #11

Go on a Internet artist field trip. Check out other artist websites and blogs. Support them with kind comments and learn from them. What are they doing right? What are the doing wrong? Where do they show and/or perform and share their talents?

Wednesday's Grace Notes

Wednesday's Grace Notes: Sunrise! My new 'zen' re-arranged music studio. Feeling stronger. A good nights sleep. Moonlight Sonata. Girl time w/ my daughter Shannon and my daughter in love Jennifer. "unplugging" the T.V. and rotating paintings for the month of January.... man I give my hubby Glenn a work out! "The wind beneath my wings" or at least the SUV and my paintings! Celebrate the day!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Performing Artists; Preaching To The Choir

Performing Artists; Preaching To The Choir.

When we performers charge our fees to perform at your events we are not charging by the hour. We are charging for the many years of practicing two to three hours a day, continued education, perfecting our skills, and oh ya', a little talent thrown in there as well.

Celebrate the day!

Artist Marketing Tip #10

Artist Marketing Tip #10; Let's get back to that Facebook Fanpage. Organize your work in photos files. Treat it like a website. separate files for "Landscapes, Note cards, Jewelry/design, song lists, videos".. what ever pertains to your "craft". Leave the cute family photos and puppy dogs on your profile... and NO Farmville and the like! This will be an ongoing process as you create updates. It is for me, so let's learn together and share YOUR pointers!

Tuesday's Grace Notes

Tuesday's Grace Notes; Panda Puppy curled up next to me while I play the guitar, pumpkin spice candles, being a humble guppy in a tank of big fish... as long as it's the right tank!, doing things just for the fun of it, and selling my artwork mugs on Really fun!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #10

Got a website? It is the new resume, gallery, venue, web presence, social media... gotta have one to be taken seriously. I am shamelessly going to make a plug for a family business. It is the new Internet/social media 'Yellow Pages' . It places you on the web, promotes you and CAN give you an awesome website w/ more perks than a lonely separate site would. It has the capacity to show a virtual 360 tour of your business, studio, performance, art classes, current shows.. you get the picture. What I like the best of all is that you are not dependent on a "webmaster" but can make your own changes at any time. Every 'deal" is custom made just for what YOU want. No pressure. Here's the link;

Monday's Grace Notes

Monday's Grace Notes; The tree is comin' down! Thunder in January, meeting old Lupus support group friends for lunch, I GET to clean my house, unload the dishwasher and begin a demanding commissioned painting, today I get to learn something that I "already learned how to do" (there goes that short term memory central nervous system dysfunction again), and doin' my nails.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday's Grace Notes

Sunday's Grace Notes; Enjoying the journey along the way, writing new music, the smell of newly opened PlayDo, a new organizer for 2011, living the creative life and YOU taking the time to read this! Celebrate life!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #10

When posting you blog "share" with your Twitter account AND Facebook. Post 2x a day (AM and PM) if you have a lot of international connections. If possible post through your Facebook fanpage and it will automatically be posted to your profile. Do this a couple of weeks and Google your name/business and NOW see how your name ranks.

Saturday's Grace Notes

Saturday's Grace Notes; God directly dealing with me and PRIDE... ouch!, Baking a German Chocolate Cake for my hubby's 50th birthday, re-arranging my art studio (long over due), working on my "craft", getting the mail, Susan Boyle's new piano book :), and my own backyard.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #9

Check out my "tags" at the end of this post. They are not necessarily directly related to my post BUT what I want to be "branded" by and show up on Google searches. It really works!

Grace Notes For Friday

Friday's Grace Notes; My daughter Shannon fixing my couch so that I can get "in" and "out" of it by myself, my new book on creative journaling "Writing And Being", driving down to Starbucks this morning for an indulgent cup of coffee, pumpkin scone and quiet time, cold sunny mornings, realizing that I am not always an easy person to live with :) (who me?) and sunglasses.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #8

Artist Marketing Tip #8; Okay, after yesterday did you give thought to blogging and what makes your art stand out? Why would people want to check in? Choose a charity, a human interest group, do you also cook? Recipe for the day? Are you a daily painter? Post it! Have fun! BUT as a visual artist post HIGH Quality pics of your art to share with every blog. As a performing artist, blog your compositions, poems and webcams! Have fun, keep it current and let people feel that they might be missing something if they don't check in. How do you share your blog? Turn in tomorrow!

Thursday's Grace Notes

Thursday's Grace Notes; allowing myself to be sick but not allowing a poor me attitude, practicing the guitar, stop trying to change others and just working on myself, new books on hold at the library, and new music books to pick up at the music store.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #7

Artist Marketing Tip #7; Okay. Now we should have completed our Facebook Fanpage (see earlier posts). Now lets "Blog" Go to "blogspot .com" and get started. To make your blog something that makes it interesting to other people and stand out on the internet ask yourself some questions. What makes you and your visual or performing arts special? This is important. Get a journal and write down your thoughts. You are who you want to be. Don't settle for less.

Wednesday's Grace Notes

Wednesday's Grace Notes; Steroids. There. I said it, Glenn making me one of his awesome omelets, sharing other artists creations on Facebook, my toys (piano, guitar, paint, canvases...), gift cards, counting my "spoons", and a new day wide open.......!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Artist Marketing Tip #6

Artist Marketing Tip #6 Now that you have a fanpage on Facebook and have sent out a "like"request to all of your friends, go through your new "fans" and "friend" the new ones. Celebrate the day!

Tuesday Grace Notes

Tuesday Grace Notes; My daughter Shannon surprising me with a treat from Paneras, the $1.00 bins at Micheal's, wanting what I already have, clothes that fit when I'm puffed on steroids, having an 86 year old Mom to call on the phone, and robins egg blue with chocolate brown.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturdays Grace Notes

Saturday's Grace Notes; Happy New Year! HGTV's new Idea House, (we can all dream can't we?), Rachel Ray finally has a new cooking show in 10 years, clean sheets, organizing, and New Years Resolutions. I'm a self improvement nut so it is right down my alley!