Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Health Notes; " Angels Unaware"

October 2008 I woke up sick and cancelled my five visual/performing engagements for the week. By that night from complications from Lupus I was in the Mayo clinic fighting for my life. I was left with no sensation from below my waist and communicated only by barely raising one weak finger. A compassionate Dr. whispered to me "God told me to tell you that you will make it out of here and regain "Nancy". She had my family display my recent photo shoots, articles, paintings and photos of family all around my hospital room. What a gift she gave that day... what a gift.


  1. How powerful it is when God speaks directly through someone brave enough to follow His prompting! ☼

  2. Nancy, that gives me chills. I had a very similar experience. Wow. You are so amazing and strong. I have so much to learn from you. I still have yet to do my "real" bio. It's really hard to put ALL that into words. But I feel its important for the cause bc I think people need to know the level to which people are suffering with this illness. Who knew that we would be able to be used in something so incredibly important, that could potentially help millions. I feel truly blessed.