Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday's Grace Notes "Lupus"

I have Lupus. I have flares. Right now I am in one. Bummer. Yesterday between appointments at the Mayo Clinic I was sitting in my power chair by one of the many beautiful gardens and I had a memory. Two years ago I was sitting by the same pond w/ egrets, blue heron's, turtles, flowers... I was in my same power chair strapped in so that I wouldn't fall out. It took me three small naps along the way to get out to the pond (yes in public). I remember sitting there thanking God that I was now longer a long time resident in the hospital and rehab center in a sling. I thought that "this is it' and I would not be able to sit unaided and I was so very thankful to come such a long way and to be "independent". Now I am singing and performing again. I am still in a power chair but God has shown me how to live. I have Lupus but it doesn't have me. Celebrate the day!

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